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A selection by Claire Bâcle


The ermine of Plouyé

This is a farm cheese, made from raw Breton goat's milk, produced by the Chèvrerie de Plouyé in Finistère. Its heart contains a light layer of sea lettuce, a Breton seaweed, which brings a very fine and slightly iodized flavour. Stamped with an ermine drawn in cuttlefish ink, this cheese will surprise all gourmets. Depending on your tastes, choose a cheese matured between 1 week and 1 month.

Betty and Olivier Samain can welcome you to the farm to show you their farm where Alpine and Saanen goats are king and where GMOs, pesticides, etc. are banned.
and antibiotics are banned. The goats eat grass, scrub (hence the eco-pasture), hay, straw, cereals, peas, barley, oats, minerals, Guérande salt, thyme and garlic.

Bath pebble from Brittany

This creamy, soft cow's milk cheese with a washed rind is above all the story of a meeting between the cheese dairy
"La Caprarius" and Emmanuelle and Olivier Regent from the Kerouzine cheese factory.

The "La Caprarius" cheese dairy, located in Bain de Bretagne in the Ille et Vilaine region, produces organic cheeses made from goat's, sheep's and cow's milk. The Galet de Bain de Bretagne is matured by Olivier and Emmanuelle. It is rubbed with amber beer from the microbrewery "La Dilletante" near Rennes. At the end of the maturing process, it is like a creamy Reblochon cheese with a hoppy aroma.

Tome de Rhuys

Matured on the Rhuys peninsula, this raw cow's milk tome is an unpressed cheese with a waxed rind. Hand rubbed with Guérande salt, it is matured for about 70 days in a cellar and has a slightly fruity taste.

This cheese is produced by Isabelle and Gurvan Bourvellec at the Suscinio farm in Sarzeau on the Rhuys peninsula. Located near the beach of Landrézac and the medieval castle of Suscinio, the farm of Suscinio is the ideal place for a gourmet stopover. Isabelle and Gurvan welcome you to discover their Breton pie noire cows which produce a rich milk ideal for the Rhuys tome and all their dairy products (butter, fromage blanc, cream, cheeses...).

Fromagerie Kerouzine

The cheeses we offer are all available at the Fromagerie Kerouzine in Vannes, Lorient or Arradon with orders available.

Olivier and Emmanuelle Régent, cheese maturers, are truly passionate about cheese. They offer a range of more than 150 references, mostly made from raw milk, selected and, above all, matured by them. Their pleasure? To find small producers of raw milk, respectful of their animals, and to help people discover good Breton cheeses.

The Kerouzine cheese dairy is a family business. Emmanuelle's father opened the cheese dairy more than 30 years ago with the historic shop in Vannes. Today they have two shops in Lorient and Arradon and are present on many markets.

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