Roasted pineapple with summer honey, Flambé with Distiloire Gin, Candied citron sorbet

A recipe by Jérémie Bousseau



for 4 people

Roasted pineapple
  • Pineapple: 1 piece
  • Summer honey: 100 g
  • White pepper: 3 turns of the mill
  • Distilled Gin: 80 g
  • Water: 80 g
Light cream with candied citron
  • 35% cream: 300 g
  • Mascarpone: 60 g
  • White chocolate: 80 g
  • Gelatin sheet: 2 g
  • A piece of candied citron or marmalade: 30 to 50 g
Lemon and citron sorbet
  • Sugar: 150 g
  • Water: 240 g
  • Lemon juice: 110 g
  • Water: 90 g
  • Limoncello or vodka: 50 g
  • A piece of candied citron or marmalade: 50 to 90 g
Genoa Bread
  • Almond paste 70%: 100 g
  • Eggs: 100 g
  • Semolina sugar: 45 g
  • Milk: 5 g
  • Flour: 30 g
  • Baking powder: 1 g
  • Butter: 30 g
  • Butter for the mould: 20 g
Almond shortbread
  • Flour type 55: 187 g
  • Baking powder: 2 g
  • Granulated sugar: 90 g
  • Almond powder: 50 g
  • Ointment butter: 95 g
  • Untreated orange peel: 1
  • Untreated lemon peel: 1
  • Egg yolks: 2 (40 g)
  • Egg: 1
  • Limoncello: 25 g
Assembly and finishing
  • Kiwi: 1 piece
  • Brown sugar: 20 g
  • Sugar stars and other edible glitter
  • Pineapple-sage leaves, coriander and marigold petals


Monitoring - very important

Light cream with candied citron
  • Soak the gelatine in a bowl of cold water.
  • Boil the cream and as soon as it starts to boil, pour it into a blender over the white chocolate.
  • Add the gelatine, close the lid and blend.
  • Add the pieces of candied citron (or the Marmalade), the mascarpone and mix again.
  • Pour into a bowl, and set aside in the refrigerator for at least one night.
Lemon and citron sorbet
  • Prepare a syrup with the 150 g water and 150 g sugar by boiling the mixture for about 2 minutes.
  • Allow to cool completely.
  • Squeeze the lemons to obtain 110 g of juice and add the zest.
  • Mix lemon and zest.
  • Add the syrup, mix and set aside in the fridge for at least one night to chill the mixture as cold as possible before whipping.

The day before - preferably

Genoa Bread
  • Preheat the oven to 180 °C (gas mark 6).
  • In a small blender, mix the almond paste, adding the eggs as you go.
  • Place the mixture in a mixer fitted with the whisk attachment and emulsify with the sugar and milk.
  • Sift the flour and yeast and add them.
  • Melt the butter in a saucepan at 45°C and add it.
  • Spread on a baking sheet (or in a large rectangular silicone mould) to a maximum thickness of 1 cm.
  • Bake for 12 to 15 minutes, depending on the oven, at 160 °C (th.5).
  • Once cooled, cut rectangles with a serrated knife the length of the pineapple and about 1.5 cm wide.
Almond shortbread
  • Sift together the flour and yeast.
  • In the bowl of a food processor fitted with the sheet, combine the flour, sugar and almond powder.
  • Then add the butter and grated citrus peel.
  • Turn again until the mixture is fairly fine.
  • Then stir in the egg yolk, egg and limoncello.
  • Stop working the dough as soon as it is smooth and roll it into a ball.
  • Then spread it between two sheets of baking paper to a thickness of 3 mm.
  • Set the dough aside in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.
  • Then cut out the dough with cookie cutters in the shape of your choice (fir tree, exotic leaf, snowman, star etc.).
  • Preheat the oven to 160 °C. Butter and flour a baking tray. Place all the shortbread on it. Bake for 10 to 15 minutes until they are nicely browned.
  • Remove them and set them aside on a rack to dry.

The day of the meal

  • If you have a turbine: start the ice cream or ice cream maker.
  • If you have a thermomix: freeze this preparation in silicone moulds (mignardises type) for about six hours before mixing them with the thermomix to make the sorbet.
Light cream with candied citron
  • Whip the mixture into a smooth whipped cream.
  • Carefully pour the whipped cream into a piping bag with a large star tip (I used number 12).
  • Set aside in a cool place.
For the roasted pineapple
  • Peel the pineapple completely.
  • Cut it into quarters and remove the core (indigestible and very fibrous) over 1 to 2 cm.
  • Cut the quarters in half lengthwise.
  • In a non-stick pan, caramelise the honey and add the pineapples.
  • When they are well coloured (about 4 minutes on each side), deglaze with the water, then the gin, flambé and pepper.
  • Store on the slice in an ovenproof dish.
Preparation of finishes
  • Cut the kiwi and the remaining fresh, unroasted pineapple into small 5 mm x 5 mm cubes.
  • Add a little brown sugar and mix vigorously.

When serving

Roasted pineapple
  • Fifteen minutes before serving, place the pineapple dish in the oven at 150°C.
  • Place strips of bread on the plates.
  • Make 5 rosettes of light lemon cream.
  • Fix the shortbread with a little honey caramel so that it does not slip.
  • Cover the bread strips with the same caramel.
  • Using a small cookie cutter, place a small montage of fruit cubes.
  • Gently place the pineapples on the bread.
  • Decorate with leaves, petals and sugar stars.
  • With a silver or very thick spoon (but in any case very hot) work the sorbet for a moment and form a quenelle of yellow lemon - citron sorbet.
  • Gently place this quenelle on the almond shortbread.
  • Serve immediately.


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